First Session with the Slider E-100

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

First of all, CONGRATS to my neighbor to the south, Richard Allen,
for his second ULR TP station!!

Last night I was able to sit down with the Slider E-100 for my first
serious attempt at using it for some ULR DX. I'm not used to it yet,
but it shows a lot of promise, ha ha. I did log 3 new stations for
the ULR log as follows:

610, WTVN, Columbus, OH, 0432+, 11/11, very poor under hvy QRM from
KCSP, Kansas City plus a few others. Very luckily hrd an ID sneak
through the mess at 0440. I can't even tell you what their pgm'g
consisted of, but I think it was all talk, much like all the other
stations I was hearing on this freq at the time. Hvy QRM from KCSP,
KS City.

1540, KGBC, Galveston, TX, listened on and off from 0540-0810 UTC,
11/11, many stations up and down here, several w/ SP pgm'g. One I
think was an XE, one was KZMP, University Park, TX w/ SP pgms, so
this one was a trick to pull out of all the SP lang pgm'g. KGBC also
was carrying pgm'g in SP w/ some rel songs in SP and ranchera mx
thrown in too. Finally an EG/SP ID clearly copied at 0800 after
numerous attempts. Topaz has this one listed as Silent, but that's
definitely not the case. They also have their night power listed as
250 watts.

1550, XENU, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, 0850-1005, 11/11, featured
ranchera mx all sounding pretty much like the same song. Finally a
copiable ID hrd at 1000 UTC. Fair at best. Geesh, this was my night
to camp out on a few freqs. At least I could get IDs on a few of

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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