Re: Problem Child Frequencies

Allen Willie

Hi Everyone,
The frequencies that play havoc with me here are 590,640,800,930,960,1210,1390,1400,1600 all being locals or second harmonics of these
Some evnings if the transatlantic splits around these are strong enough , they seem to pull through. I have logged other stations on these frequencies if they happen to go off air for a bit but for the most part , not many have been logged on these frequencies.
The bonus I have this far out in the Atlantic is that the big powerhouses from the mainland aren't bothersome or rolling over top like my locals do.I don't usually hear many US stations until about 10:00 PM local time or after as it tends to be mostly transatlantic signals from sunset or earlier occupying the band until then sounding like locals
Graveyard frequencies are OK at times but are occupied mostly with  Newfoundland relay stations of the locals for other regional communities.
Good DX
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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