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John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

I've completed updating the Master Firsts and Records List and have uploaded a PDF version to the Files area of There have been a few new distance records established by Allen Willie and Paul Logan; Allen Willie continues to find MW countries that he has yet t log on his trusty M37V and has added Balearic Islands and the Czech Republic this time. Thankfully, Kirk Allen of Oklahoma also added a fine Unlimited Graveyard Channel record to the list, as well.

Someone made a comment sometime ago, kind of questioning the validity of these loggings as "world records." I think maybe who ever that was has missed the point. There may have been farther distances heard with small radios, somewhere, some time, by somebody. BUT, the ULTRALIGHT Records and Firsts list is the ONLY list in the world of its type and records the high-water marks of achievement of the Ultralight community. No more, no less..... so, these truly are "World" or "Western Hemisphere" records.

I don't think that very many of us look at these things as records of competitiveness, either. I'll wager that Allen Willie would acknowledge that without the support of this community, he would never have set off on his Trans-Atlantic odyssey... the same thing is certainly true where my name appears on that list.... it is truly a record of achievement BY THE ULTRALIGHT COMMUNITY.

Along those lines, we have had a number of 30-Day Ross Challenges and 300 or 400 stations heard achievements lately, with awards given, etc. I want to start formally celebrating those achievements by announcing the awards issued as they happen. I'll begin that effort and catch up on the 175 or so awards issued so far when I get back to Oklahoma in early December.

Lastly, our Western Hemisphere Records are really languishing.... with the Follies, the awards and all of the good general DXing that is happening, we just HAVE to have moved the distance records just a bit as a group... I hope that each of you will look carefully at the attached Current Records and look through your recent loggings. To submit a new record, all you have to do is send me an e-mail, titled so that I'll know its a record submittal... give me the distance (km/miles) and the particulars of the logging...... PLEASE!

As the Holiday Season approaches, I imagine that each of us will find a bit more time to DX.... good luck!!!

John B.

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