Re: Problem Child Frequencies

John Cereghin <jcereghin@...>

Here in central Delaware, 1210 is my worst- blocked by
WPHT-Philadelphia, which is very difficult to null. 1220 is no
better- I only have two stations logged on 1220. 1090 is tough with
WBAL in Baltimore but I do have two other stations logged. 1080 is
also a dry frequency for me.

1550 is my best frequency, with 12 stations logged.

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

--- In ultralightdx@..., "Kirk Allen" <kirk74601@...> wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure most of us have our own "problem children" as far as
specific MW frequencies go. You know, those stubborn channels that
just don't want to give up many loggings at all due to any number of
factors. Lcl splatter, overcrowded freqs, noise from cable TV boxes
and computers, et al. One of the worse ones for me is 1580 khz. We
have a semi-local that bdcsts on 1580 from Blackwell, OK, apx. 20
miles west of here. Tonight KOKB was off the air as well as last
night. I've tried to log other stations on that freq for literally
hours and never had any luck until tonight. I managed to catch a
Radio Disney station that held in long enough to get a handle on who
it was:

1580, KMIK, Tempe, AZ, 0455-0515 UTC, 11/10, Radio Disney pgm'g.
Quick ID 0500 and back to Disney. 50 kw, but you couldn't prove that
in the reception here. Poor.

One other new one here:

1350, KDZA, Pueblo, CO, 0809-0830+ UTC, 11/10, Playing my kind of mx-
oldies R&R from the 70's. Another reason I enjoyed listening to this
one was because they had their OWN lcl pgm'g, not another boring
generic network feed. 280 watts night pwr listed. Reception much
better than the 50 kw AZ station on 1580. Topaz has KDZA's format
listed as sports. Not the case at least during my reception. Fair.

Hope you all have a good week and can find some time to twist the
dials. 73,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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