Latin Stations 140 and 141 Logged Overnight

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Good Morning Gents,

Two more new stations were logged overnight/this morning w/ the T615 and SAT. Despite the generally-noted flaw of the T615 with adjacent-channel rejection, I had really good luck with these two stations only 200 and 500 kHz up the band from our lcl MW sta on 1230 (WBBZ). At least last night, the T615 far out-performed the E-100 in this part of the band.

1270, XEWN, Torreon, Coahuila, 0955 UTC, 2/25/11, lcl ads all ment'd Coahuila. Caught a clear call letter ID 0955 (equis eh doble-oo ene). Fair to good signal.

1250, XESJ, Saltillo, Coahuila, 1100 UTC, 2/25/11, Hrd w/ excellent sig playing ranchera mx. >Than one SS sta here this AM, the other remains  an UNID so far. Playing mostly ranchera mx. Hrd a good call ltr ID just before the TOH. (equis eh esse hota). ULR Sta #740, LAm Sta #141. Only 39 more Latins to tie my Houston totals, ha ha. Somehow I believe we must be the most patient people in the world...well, at least when it comes to DX'ing, ha ha.

Have a good one and best of DX to ya.


Kirk Allen

Ponca City, OK





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