Slider E100 Ultralight- A Daytime DX Dream

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     John Bryant and I continue to be amazed at the DXing performance of our latest fanatical creation-- the "fully modified" Eton E100 Ultralight, with a 7.5" Sliding Coil ("Slider") loopstick and the Murata CFJ455K5 narrow IF filter (suggested by Guy Atkins).  This hot-rodded Ultralight has DX performance WAY out of proportion to its size.
     In noontime daytime DX testing for an upcoming E100 Four Variant Shootout article, the fully modified Slider E100 was able to solidly receive the following:
KXLX-700 (Airway Heights, WA) in the null of KIRO-710 ( 210 miles)
KTBI-810 (Ephrata, WA) in the null of KGNW-820 (130 miles)
KPAM-860 (Troutdale, OR) in the null of IBOC slopper KHHO-850 (125 miles)
KALE-960 (Richland, WA) in the null of KJR-950 (175 miles)
KFXX-1080 (Portland, OR) in the null of KPTK-1090 (125 miles)
KAST-1370 (Astoria, OR) in the null of KKMO-1360 (110 miles)
KUTI-1460 (Yakima, WA) in the null of KSUH-1450 (100 miles)
     The combination of extreme sensitivity, selectivity and nulling ability makes this compact modified E100 a real DXing wildcat!  By comparison, none of the traditional stock portables here (E1, ICF-2010 or ICF-S5W) were able to make any of these catches, due either to inadequate sensitivity, selectivity or nulling ability.
     A full 7-page article describing the Slider loopstick was recently uploaded to DXer.Ca., and the E100 Four Variant Shootout article should be completed shortly.  Already in TP DXing since summer, this little monster has received 70 TP's (here in Puyallup, and at Grayland).  John and I are grinning from ear to ear :>)
     73,  Gary 

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