Two More New Stations this Morning

kirk74601 <kirk74601@...>

Despite the thunder rolling and the lightning crashes, two more new stations were hrd here this morning on my new T615. This time I did use the SAT w/ it to help pull enough sig to hopefully overcome some of the QRN. I'd like to thank Richard Allen for the tip on the first logging. Thanks, Richard!

1190, WOWO, Ft. Wayne, IN, 1327 UTC, 02/24/11, surprisingly (and luckily!) hrd an ID right after t/in, "on newstalk 1190, WOWO." Then lcl wx for the Ft. Wayne area. Shortly lost to the sta listed below.

1190, KQQZ, St. Louis, MO, 1335 UTC, 2/14/11, classic country mx. "The one not afraid to show our ___, then a "1190, KQQZ" jingle. G sig for about 10 minutes. ULR Sta #735

That's it from here. 73 everyone!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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