NE Oregon ULR NDBs, Wednesday night

Steve Ratzlaff <steveratz@...>

Another night with fairly good conditions, favoring northeastern Canada. Two Quebec beacons heard, for a new 8th province. Static came up around 10:30 p.m. local and kept increasing until it was a problem even with the small receiving antenna. 353 LLD Hawaii was heard around 11p.m.; no sign of 391 DDP Puerto Rico this evening. 402 M3,SK has a non-standard 1020 Hz modulation but has a standard Canadian dash, though the dash occurs just before the ident (DBID) instead of the usual right after the ident (DAID)--a rather unique Canadian beacon. Both Quebec beacons started out as a faint DAID heard; both required sitting on them for about 10 minutes each but eventually faded up to reasonable copy. 222 total. (Trans-polar LWBC 189 Iceland at decent level around 0500 utc but not heard on a ULR or indoor antenna.) :)
NE Oregon
PL-380, Ferrite Sleeve Loop (8 x 5")

250 2J BC CAN 236 MI
379 ZEG AB CAN 573 MI
392 ML QC CAN 2228 MI
395 L7 SK CAN 746 MI
395 ULS KS 1017 MI
400 MDS SD 1025 MI
402 M3 SK CAN 570 MI
407 ZHU QC CAN 2128 MI
512 HMY OK 1307 MI

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