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I meant it pretty much the way i said it... better to use whats on hand, than buying new. New cost a lot more.

Paul S. in CT

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Thanks guys for all your help.
Paul are you saying that getting proper litz wire will not result in much improvement over using a ferrite and coil from an old junked radio or is it just that new litz wire costs so much. I'm looking to make the PL380 as sensitive as possible with an internal antenna.


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In your case, take the fattest Litz wire on-hand and wrap 60 turns around your 3/8" diameter by 4" long stick. Center the wire on the stick, and presume a winding length of 1.5". This yields about 225 uH, just a little low for the am-bcb. It will take 7 feet of wire including the connection. If your piece of litz is longer, add 6-8 more turns figuring 1.75" for the coil length. For 68 turns at 1.75" of winding length the inductance increases to about 270 uH. Having some litz, any litz in the junque-box, with a stick is preferable to buying such. ;)

Paul S. in CT

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For me, the Litz-issue is one the disincentives to experimentation.
Cost is a determinant issue. Litz is expensive. A longer,
thicker ferrite rod is currently unobtainable and would in any case
be very expensive. Neither do I have the real-estate for a beverage.
I may have to settle for more modest, uncompetitive uldx compromises.
I may well have suitable Litz in my junk-box, but have no way of assessing.
The suggested UK source of ferrite rods is known; but unfortunately
availability is delayed and length and diameter do not exceed what
I have in the junk-box and no way approach those available in the US.

Maybe my predestination is for homebrew shortwave - as long as it lasts.
I could, of course, build a big loop, but that would shout at my diminutive
SRF-59, which does not know that LW exits.

Michael UK

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I would choose some thing "X"/46 as it is the right-sized strand of Litz wire for the AM-BCB. Litz wire that is "X"/44
is better suited for the NDB's (more precisely X/43 is ideal). Affordability is the key issue for most, as the price is
high compared to mamgnet wire (solid Cu).

Paul S. in CT

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Which size litz wire works best for winding on a ferrite rod for MW (520-1710) band, 40/44, 100/44 or 175/46? I don't
have a meter for measuring inductance. Can anyone tell me approximately how many turns are required to get optimum
performance on a 3/8" X 4" ferrite rod?
Should the coil be centred on the antenna? I'm trying to replace the internal antenna on a PL380.


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