Re: Off topic balun question

Paul Logan

Hi John,

Im familiar with your excellent articles on balun fabrication and in fact have been using them as a reference for ages.

I was just wondering what cores are used in commercial rx baluns which claim to cover long wave up through HF.

Any ideas anyone?.

bjohnorcas@... wrote:

I'm outta town for the weekend and away from references. However, from
memory, there really isn't one formulation of ferrite that will work at
OPTIMALLY at Longwave up through 30 MHz. Generally, Bill Bowers and I shot
for really good performance from 5 MHz. down. The problem tends to be at
the lower frequencies, where performance can drop off like it was shot. My
impression is that upper frequency performance is much more forgiving.

I believe that there are two impedance matcher articles on Be
sure that you are reading the latter one, if you only read one.

John B.,

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