Can't go Wrong with an R390....

chuck_rippel <Chuck.Rippel@...>

Thinking of entering it in a special Ultralight class, Ralph? If its as good as the seller represents, thats a great receiver.

Chuck Rippel

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Hi Kevin!

For right now I am having a lot of fun with my two monster ferrite sessions-one to peak and one to null, as per the report in the ultralight files-it is a great system with remarkable potential that I want to thoroughly mine. Having said that, like every other "loopie" out there, I am always greedy to hear more. I am thinking of doing a really crazy thing-I have a possibility of picking up a completely restored, pristine Collins R 390 A for $2K-a lot of money for a radio, but unlikely to ever need/find something better-any thoughts?


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