Re: New Domestic Station Added

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Hi Allen,

Very nice logging of KCJJ. That X band is interesting sometimes. The
only stations I've been able to ID on that freq were, KCJJ, KKGM (Ft.
Worth, TX) and KRND (Fox Farm, WY) I've yet to lof anything on 1610.
The closest I came to that was one night I heard some SP lang pgm'g
there, but it was just too weak to hear enough to count as a new
I always look forward to your input and your loggings. I suppose I kind
of vicariously get excited about you guys' TA's and TP's. Very
interesting that you and I were probably listening to CBK that morning
when they were airing a R. Australia pgm! What are the chances of that!?
The one and only time I've experienced TA's and TP's was one year
probably in the late 80's when I went down to JB's house for a
DXpedition. (We did a lot of those back then) John had planned and made
arrangements to put up a 2000' Beverage...although I'm not positive, I
do believe it was unterminated. Three of us erected that bad boy the
afternoon before we started getting serious. for the TA's and in the
morning for the TP's. Wow. What a thrill that was.
Gotta run, Okla State Football is coming up on the tube real soon.
73 and best of DX to you,
Kirk Allen

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