Stronger Transatlantic possibilities

Allen Willie

 am wondering what might be my best possibilities for receiving TAs
here in East Tennessee on ULRs ?I would think Algeria 891 and Saudi
Arabia 1521 might be possibilities. Other suggestions ?
Carl DeWhitt
Hi Carl,
Some of the  stronger  transatlantics I hear here on a nightly basis  in the North Atlantic are as follows:
684 Spain,
693 & 1053  England,
1134 Croatia
1179 Sweden
1377 France (by the way heard this one 2 hours before sunset today )
1440 Luxembourg (Relay of China Radio )
1530 Vatican Radio
1575 R. Farda United Arab Emirates
and of course
1521 BSKSA Saudi Arabia (2 Million Watts output  )
Good Luck and Good DX. Hope this helps you out Carl,
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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