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Carl DeWhitt

--- Nice going ,Kirk.I once heard the St.Petersburg station on 620
back in Oklahoma.At the time their call sign was WSUN if i recall
correctly.Here in the Knoxville,Tn area we have WRJZ in Knoxville on
620.However, their signal seems weaker at night and i am not sure
they are a 24/7 station.They air Christian talk and preaching.In the
evening,it might be possible to log something else on that frequency
Carl DeWhitt
Walland ,Tn.
In ultralightdx@..., "Kirk Allen" <kirk74601@...> wrote:

For the life of me, I'd never ever been able to hear a MW sta from
Florida until this morning. A very tough frequency at the time. I
monitored 620 from 1120-1210, 11/7. I was hearing Fox Sports net
when the signal would fade up for a bit. Finally at apx 1148 UTC, I
copied a lcl trfc report, lcl ads, and an ID.

620, WDAE, St. Petersburgh, FL, 1120-1210 UTC, 11/7.

Also this morning on 540,from 1107-1115 I heard Radio Australia
much to my surprise. It was CBK, Regina, SK airing some of their
until back to their side of the big pond at 1115. Regional wx rpt
SK, especially the southern part of SK. Makes me hunger for some TP

Have a good one, gents,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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