Re: Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Trans-Atlantics & Domestics Report Feb 10-11


The 531 and 549 Algerians and the 621 Canaries station were very strong last night here, swamping the adjacent domestics on pretty much any radio tried. High end TA's were spotty, even on the Perseus + SuperLoop.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
Billerica, MA, USA
15 miles / 24 km NW of Boston

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Hello to All,

Propagation conditions have been decent over the past number of days, included a listing of logs below, mostly from last evening and also with a few from the evening before.
1 new one for the ULR log as we had been hoping for quite a while to pull out South Dakota for a new state and finally succeeded.

549-ALGERIA-Alger Chaine 1, Hamadouche 00:52UT/11 Arabic chants and music
560-WGAN-Portland, Maine 4:24UT/11,Advertising PSA,ID
684-SPAIN-RNE 1 Sevilla 22:42UT/9 Spanish talk interview (Very good)
693-ENGLAND-BBC 5 Live Droitwich 22:41UT/9 Talk,ID
700-WLW-Cincinnati,Ohio 3:43UT/11 Autozone Ad,ID
720-GREENLAND-KNR Simuitaq 3:30UT/11 Inuit talk, music (Very Strong)
720-WGN-Chicago,Illinois 5:02UT/11 Jewellery Exchange Ad, ID,Weather (Greenland nulled)
747-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5 Cadiz 00:24UT/10 man and woman in Spanish
750-VENEZUELA-YVKS Caracas 3:31UT/11 man in Spanish,mention Venezuela
810-CJVA-Carraquet, New Brunswick 3:15UT/11 French talk and country music(local on 800 nulled)
850-WEEI-Boston, Mass 3:35UT/11 Celtics NBA Basketball game
860-CJBC-Toronto,Ontario 4:25UT/11 woman in French talk
870-WWL-New Orleans,Louisiana 3:30UT/11 Talk show ,Legal ID
890-WLS-Chicago,Illinois 3:20UT/11 Talk show,US Politics
990-CKGM-Montreal,Quebec 7:49UT/11 Sports talk Two Minute Defense Prg(mixing w/ semi-local CBY)
999-SPAIN-COPE, Madrid 23:15UT/10 Spanish commentary
1000-WMVP-Chicago,Illinois 3:07UT/10 Basketball Talk ,Bulls Radio Network (Very Strong)
1040-CJMS-St. Constant,Quebec 4:27UT/11 French country music, talk (WHO Des Moines 5 minutes earlier was all alone)
1044-MOROCCO-RTM Sebaa-Aioun 23:16UT/10 Arabic chants and music
1050-WEPN-New York, NY 3:06UT/10 Sports talk (Very Strong)
1089-ENGLAND- Talksport Radio, Brookman's Park 20:50UT/9 English Football brcst
1120-KMOX-St. Louis,Missouri 7:59UT/11 Physicians of St. Louis Univ promo,ID
1134-CROATIA-Hrvatska Radio Zadar 21:48UT/10 Spanish program
1150-WHBY-Kimberley,Wisconsin 4:30UT/11 News,ID mixing with CKOC Hamilton
1160-WYLL-Chicago,Illinois 3:06UT/10 Religious programming,ID
1200-WXKS-Newton,Mass 3:05UT/10 Fox Radio News,Legal ID,weather
1280-CFMB-Montreal,Quebec 7:42UT/11 Haitian program, ID
1280-WFAU-Gardiner,Maine 7:44UT/11 Sports talk, (mixing with CFMB Montreal)
1290-WRNI-Providence,Rhode Island 7:47UT/11 Public Radio programming
1320-CJMR-Mississauga,Ontario 3:12UT/10 Indian language programming
1360-WDRC-Hartford,Conn 7:45UT/11 National Pet Adoption PSA,talk
1370-WDEA-Ellsworth,Maine 21:19UT/9 "AM 1370 WDEA" ID,weather
1380-CKPC-Brantford,Ontario 3:39UT/11 "News Country AM-13-80" ID Country music

1380-KOTA-Rapid City,South Dakota 3:58UT/11 talk show discussing Pres. Obama then into ID and CBS News @ TOH (CKPC nulled) ***NEW STATE **

1390-WEGP-Presque Isle,Maine 3:40UT/11 talk show on education (Very good)
1395-ALBANIA-Transworld Radio via Fllake Relay 20:56UT/10 Croatian program
1410-WPOP-Hartford,Conn 7:29UT/11 ESPN Radio, sportstalk
1410-Unidentified 7:31UT/11 religious programming (mixing w/ WPOP Hartford)
1430-WENE-Endicott,New York 3:41UT/11 Sports talk
1480-WSAR-Falls River,Mass 8:04UT/11 American Health Care PSA,ment. Falls River
1540-CHIN-Toronto,Ontario 4:18UT/11 Relaying China Radio program in English (Very Good)
1570-CJLV-Laval,Quebec 7:35UT/11 Elvis song,French talk, ment. Laval
1580-CKDO-Oshawa,Ontario 7:21UT/11 Casino promo,CKDO Jingle ID,oldies
1590-WARV-Warwick,Rhode Island 7:56UT/11 Turning Point prgm, religious talk
1610-CJWI-Montreal,Quebec 4:17UT/11 Haitian music & French talk (Very Good)
1650-WHKT-Portsmouth,Virginia 7:23UT/11 talk show on US politics
1650-CJRS-Montreal,Quebec 4:16UT/11 Hebrew/Jewish music & talk
1660-WWRU-Jersey City,New Jersey 3:25UT/11 Korean programming
1690-CHTO-Toronto,Ontario 8:02UT/11 Greek programming and music (Good)

Receivers: SRF-M37V & SRF-39FP barefoot

Good DX to All

Allen Willie/Dianne Froude
St. John's,Newfoundland and Labrador
47:37N 52:45W

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