Re: A Final Farewell to Greenland on the AM Dial

robert ross

On 11/02/2011 11:10 PM, Tony Ward wrote:
Well I logged Greenland on 3815U almost exactly a year ago Rob, and heard it (detected it?) 2 days later again. Threw out about 500' of wire (BOG) to try and log Simuliaq on 720 with WGN phased in recent weeks, but wasn't successful. (I am not a purist, and don't, unfortunately,  live in St John's Newfoundland) My SS Longpath from Whitby ON to Indonesia on 60 and 90 m was better than Dave Clark's but his morning shortpath was much better, though the sites are only about 40 miles apart. I can only throw longwires towards the east from about 345 deg around to 170 deg, but the Wellbrook K9AY helps a lot in Western directions. Detecting the big Asians on MW every morning during season, but not close to audio yet. Much better to Europe than when Dave had the big farm though. I got him a Tecsun 380 via Joyce and have a Terk loop here for him  awaiting his return from wherever he is hibernating for winter (Panama probably) , so he may get active with a ULR someday. John Fisher, Dave C and I did lunch here in December I think it was, and we are all active in our own ways. I am trying not to go over to the Dark Side and get into NDB's but .... If Dave gets back soon we will get in a car and come down and perform an intervention on you! Still a kick after all these years eh!?
Tony (VE3NO) ComputerViz, NYAA Starfest


Tony....I knew there was another name I forgot to mention in my earlier post!!!!! YOU!!!!! HAHHAHAHHA.....I knew you'd remember Clarkie's DX Barn!!!! I used to LOVE going up there...I would drive up there on a Friday Night...DX all Night and early morning til after Sunsrise...then Drive home....a Good 4 Hours Plus round trip just to hook up to those wires!!! 

Dave Clark's getting a ULR???????? Now that's Funny Tony!!! HHAHHAHA.......Is he gonna hook it up to a 90 Meter Delta Loop 100 Feet off the Ground!!??? 

Tell me....has Dave still got all of his Radios????? Or did he unload everything when he became somewhat inactive?? John Fisher was telling me that you guys had Lunch a couple of months ago........

Hey....when you see Clark...say HELLO to him for me....and tell him I wish he still had the Antenna farm so I could come up and hook my T615 to it!!! That would be cool!!

Maybe I'll see him when I pass through the Panama Canal in March on the Cruise??? Has he got a Part Time job working one of the Locks down there??? Man...some guys will do anything to be closer to the Bolivian Regionals eh???? HAHAHAHA.......

No use You and Clark coming down here to perform VooDoo on me!!! It's too late I fear...Once you start DXing NDB's on a ULR.....there's no hope for you!! Who woulda thunk eh Tony???

Take a picture of Clark twiddlin' the Dials on a ULR......I gotta see that!!! HAHAHA. Maybe we can use his Photo on a ULR AWARD....maybe for the Master Indonesian Award!!

Have Fun....and thanks for adding to the Memories Tony.

Salute....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London,Ontario CANADA

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