Re: DXing East Asia in the Heartland


I've found JOUB 774 has long been the easiest of all trans-oceanic
stations to receive here at my rural QTH. I agree with Gary, from my
experience November is the best month for hearing Japanese stations,
followed closely by December. Listen from around 1000 UTC until past
your local sunrise. My log book shows the earliest I've ever heard
the station was 0841 UTC on 11-22-86. Much is dependent on your local
QRM situation. And, expect long fades.

Yesterday (11-6-08) was my best reception of JOUB ever, and hopefully
that will improve in the coming weeks. But this morning nothing more
than a trace of a het, around 1100 UTC, was audible.

I'll admit surprise when I heard JOUB on a SRF-T615 on 9/30/08. Since
then I've heard the station several times, once on a barefoot, factory
aligned E100.

Good luck.

Richard Allen,
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35" W
(near Perry OK)

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