Re: DXing East Asia in the Heartland

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     As John has explained, whenever your local sunrise coincides with a DX station's sunset, amazing receptions can occur on Ultralights.  Currently the Asian sunset propagation peaks are shifting to an earlier time frame, and not coinciding with the west coast sunrise propagation peaks as they did in September and October.  This makes west coast sunrise TP DXing not as productive as in the previous two months, but for those Ultralight DXers in the heartland, local sunrise should more closely coincide with the Asian sunset, producing the greatest chance for Ultralight TP loggings.
     West coast Ultralight TP-DXers can also still hear a lot of Asian DX during the Far East sunset, especially from 0745-1015 UTC.  The original SRF-59 loggings of JOIB-747 and JOAK-594 (which kicked off the Ultralight boom late last year) were made in November, during the Asian sunset peak.  Good luck to all DXers trying for their first Ultralight TP catches.
     73,  Gary  

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