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Gary DeBock

Hello Kevin and All,

Good luck in your NDB chasing tomorrow morning, Kevin. One mistake in
my previous post was listing "239-M9," which really should have been

For Kevin, Steve and anyone else fanatical enough to consider chasing
NDB's on Ultralight radios, my updated log of the 100 NDB's received on
the 7.5" LW plug-in loopstick PL-380 is posted at . These were received on the
"barefoot' modified PL-380, but as Kevin can imagine, I'm getting
seriously tempted to use the new 6.5' LW tuned passive loop to go after
"big game."

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Thanks Gary - I have looked a few times for 200-UAB, and you list gives
me a couple leads for tomorrow morning.

Yeah, this NDB bug really bites hard :-) I stopped beaconing a couple
years ago because of the noise in my townhouse development, but now
that I have an easily portable set-up to get out to a quiet location,
it's just dits and dahs all over the place...


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Hello Kevin and All,

Congratulations on the logging of 371-TVY, Kevin, and your 7th NDB
state-- glad to provide the tip.

This morning was one of the wildest NDB-DXing sessions ever
here, with booming signals from almost any station to the north.
Besides distant Alaskan 233-ALJ (heard for the first time on the
"barefoot" 7.5" LW loopstick PL-380), 200-UAB (a very tough
because of 200-YJ), 222-WY, 239-M9, 248-QH and 375-FS were
received for
new stations (and 2 new provinces, Yukon and NT). Tonight I was
able to
dig 2 more stations out of the "junk pile" from 290-325 kHz
and 317-VC) to finally receive my 100th NDB station on the 7.5"
loopstick PL-380. I've found that the "junk pile" really has a lot
NDB's hiding among the RTTY hash, and it provided most of my new
loggings during the past week.
&gt; It's very interesting that your NDB state and province count is
&gt; exactly the same as mine, Kevin. I'll be updating my NDB log to
the new Far North and "junk pile" NDB loggings, which together
gave me
enough to finally reach #100. For those of you considering this
kind of Ultralight DXing, be forewarned that once the NDB bug
it bites pretty hard :-)

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyalluip, WA, USA)

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Having been to a local park in the mornings for DXing, it occurred
me that I have to pass the park on the way home, too! So, since I
back to the island around local sunset, I stopped off at the
table for another short session. As soon as the sun set, the
temperature really plummeted, but I did manage one more at 0200

371- TVY, Tooele, UT (PL-380 w/Monster Stick)
New State (#7), #96 for the ULR LW log.

This was mixing it up with at least one other beacon on the
I know that Gary, who is about 35 miles closer to Tooele as the
flies, heard it a few days ago, so I was watching or it.

I did notice that, at least tonight, the DX didn't start until the
had actually set, and perhaps a little afterwards, whereas on MW
usually starts up well before actual sunset.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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