Re: A Cold but Productive DX Commute - 3 New Beacons

Peter Laws

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 11:21, <> wrote:

For those interested in either LWBC or NDB-DXing (or both), Rob Ross
and I have already agreed to offer Ultralight Longwave-DXing awards as
soion as possible, which will be in exactly the same categories as the
MW-DXing awards (states, provinces, countries, hundreds of stations
heard, etc.). I think that Kevin and I both know how meaningful a 100
NDB Heard Award would be! Rob and I are discussing the final artwork
for the Longwave-DXing Award Certificates, which will be offered to
Ultralight DXers anywhere in the world. Get your loggings ready!

Where are the award rules listed? I admit, one of the things that
attracted me to this hobby was the awards, so I've seen the page ...
but where? :-)

DXCC Mixed/Phone/15 m
WAC Phone

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