Re: DXing Drought Concludes

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Some further research yields the following:
970 CMHD Camaguay 10kW
970 CMAI Consolacion 1kW
970 XEMH Merida (NW Yucatan Pen.) 5kW

Best three found. The Mexican station J.I.C.

Paul S. in CT
Thanks, Paul. I have to be honest with the group, Cuba confuses the hell out of me. When there's listings of more than one Cuban sta on a given freq, how do we know which one to count, if any?? (Especially confusing when the stations are both listed running the same power!) I've had a long day, I better tackle this issue when I'm better rested, ha ha.

Tnx again, Paul!!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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