Re: SONY SRF-T615's here....that only took 32 Days!!!!!

Jay Heyl

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 12:33, Robert S.Ross VA3SW <va3sw@...> wrote:

Yeah..for travel purposes I always put the Radio into another Harder Case. Even a Hard Eyeglass Case works!! I've never had any problems carrying it in my Carry On Luggage on the plane. I wouldn't even put it in my Baggage........not for fears of Breakage as much as theft!!

The Pelican case was waiting by the door when I got home. It's the only thing I've ever gotten from Amazon that came with no packaging of its own, just the shipping box. I guess with a product this tough the packaging would be redundant. 

Anyway, the T615 fits almost perfectly. The case is designed for an iPod and includes an earbud extension that connects a jack on the outside of the case. This fits the T615 too. With the case closed the radio is very secure. There's a pocket in the lid that will hold the earbuds and extra batteries. 
If I could figure out a way of putting a DIGITAL  FREQUENCY READOUT on a SRF-59........I think it would be King!!! Gary....Can you work on that for me......a SRF-59 with Digital Readout!!!!  HAHAHHAA......

I fixed the tuning on one of mine. A digital readout would make it almost perfect. Sadly, that's beyond my capabilities.

  -- Jay

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