Re: SONY SRF-T615's here....that only took 32 Days!!!!!

Jay Heyl

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 11:27, Robert S.Ross VA3SW <va3sw@...> wrote:

In any event...It has arrived..I tested it to make sure it works....and
it does!! So now I'll just put it back in the Package and salt it away
for the future in case something happens to my other 2!!  These Radios
are the King as far as I'm concerned.....and I wanna make sure I have
enough of them to last my lifetime!!

I am of a mixed mind about some aspects of the T615. It's small. Very small. As far as ultralight goes, I've never seen anything smaller or lighter that has a built in speaker, and certainly nothing that can come close on performance. But it's so small and light that I worry about it breaking if dropped or knocked around in luggage. The difficulty in acquiring one makes this all the greater a concern. 

I've ordered a small Pelican case intended for use with iPods that I believe should work quite well for the T615. The case is well padded, the outer shell will stand up to just about anything short of being run over by a tank, and there should be room inside for the ear buds and probably a couple pairs of extra batteries. The case should be waiting for me when I get home tonight. I'll let the group know how it works.

But now, in the case, the tiny T615 has become slightly larger than an original Walkman. Not so ultralight anymore.

  -- Jay 

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