Re: DXing Drought Concludes

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

Some further research yields the following:
970 CMHD Camaguay 10kW
970 CMAI Consolacion 1kW
970 XEMH Merida (NW Yucatan Pen.) 5kW

Best three found. The Mexican station J.I.C.

Paul S. in CT

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Howdy Gang,
560, R. Rebelde, Moa, Holguin, Cuba, 0840 UTC, 2/9/11, playing light-hearted pop styled mx. Clearly //670 and 620. Also noted a Rebelde outlet on 970 which I cannot find listed anywhere. Does anyone have anything on the 970 outlet?? ULR Sta #732, LAm #138.

Man, I've gotta go climb under something a blanket, brrr!
73 everyone!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

I have RX's on 950, 960, 990... nothing on 970 from NE-USA. Normally I would also check my homebrew log, but I know that 970 kHz is the last frewuency w/o a RX. Might be new, or a domestic station (1kW).

Paul S. in CT

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