SONY SRF-T615's here....that only took 32 Days!!!!!

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Today, the Post Man brought the New SONY SRF-T615 ULR I ordered from AudioCubes on JAN/08/2011.......It took 32 Days from the day I placed my order!!!

Not sure what's going at Audio Cubes these days...... I guess maybe the Shipper is on Holidays.....or went to Vegas for the Winter!!???

In any event...It has arrived..I tested it to make sure it works....and it does!! So now I'll just put it back in the Package and salt it away for the future in case something happens to my other 2!! These Radios are the King as far as I'm concerned.....and I wanna make sure I have enough of them to last my lifetime!!

I guess the other source for these JAPAN MARKET Only ULRs is from Joynetcafe on Ebay.........the last I saw they delivered much faster than the 32 Days I waited from AudioCubes!! Anyone looking for a T-615 might consider checking them out on Ebay!!

Spent the Afternoon on a Ladder using a ROOF RAKE to pull Snow of of the Roof!! Boy....that was FUN!!! At least when I got around to the front of the house.........the Post Man was there to greet me with the package from JAPAN!!!

Happy......... and in snow up to my Ying Yang here in ONTARIO!!!

Hey Kirk and Richard.......Welcome to ONTARIOHOMA!!!!! HAHAHHAHHA......

Salute...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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