Re: Comparing ferrite loopsticks a box loop on longwave

Peter Laws

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 23:22, dhsatyadhana <dhsatyadhana@...> wrote:

I note that I used a Sony 7600GR for these tests, because the Q Stick is not powerful enough to couple with the tuned front ends on the Tecsun DSP Ultralights (it does fine with the 7600GR).  Had I used a PL-310, for example, the Q Stick would have delivered minimal improvement, if any.  The amplified output of the Quantum Loop is able to couple just fine with the Tecsuns.

Can you expand on this? What makes the 7600GR so different from the
Tecsuns that it can make use of the Stick while the others cannot?

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