DXing Drought Concludes

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Howdy Gang,

It's very cold here in northcentral Oklahoma. It's been snowing for the last 7 hours at times at abt one inch per hour. Anyway, after a few weeks of empty-handedness, I stumbled across a couple of new stations, both in LAm. Logged on Eton E-100 Sider w/ SAT.

1270, XERPL, Leon, Guanajuato, 0700 UTC, 2/9/11, At first (0645) hrd under KFLC, Ft. Worth, TX, w/ musica romantica, but they gradually faded up until they were completely drowning out the TX sta. Very nice full ID with call ltrs and "La Mas Poderosa" slogan @ TOH. I don't think I've ever had even a hint of this sta here before.

560, R. Rebelde, Moa, Holguin, Cuba, 0840 UTC, 2/9/11, playing light-hearted pop styled mx. Clearly //670 and 620. Also noted a Rebelde outlet on 970 which I cannot find listed anywhere. Does anyone have anything on the 970 outlet?? ULR Sta #732, LAm #138.

Man, I've gotta go climb under something warm....like a blanket, brrr!
73 everyone!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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