Comparing ferrite loopsticks a box loop on longwave

Kevin Schanilec

Hi all:

After building a tuned loopstick with a 18" Stormwise "monster" ferrite, I wanted to know how it compared with other LW antenna options. So, I got out my Q Stick, my Quantum Loop with the stock LW head, and a 48-inch diagonal (33x33 inch) box loop with about 200 feet of wire and terminated with a 2-section variable capacitor. I picked two stable daytime LW beacons about 100 miles or so away.

The results? The 33x33 inch box loop predictably won, but the 18-inch Monster Stick did pretty well. The Q Stick and Quantum Loop, with "only" 8-inch ferrites, came afterwards.

I note that I used a Sony 7600GR for these tests, because the Q Stick is not powerful enough to couple with the tuned front ends on the Tecsun DSP Ultralights (it does fine with the 7600GR). Had I used a PL-310, for example, the Q Stick would have delivered minimal improvement, if any. The amplified output of the Quantum Loop is able to couple just fine with the Tecsuns.

To hear the tests, go to the Files section, Folder 9 - "Members Sound Files" and download the "LW Tests.mp3" file. Here's what's on the mp3 clip:

00:00 Monster Stick
00:14 Quantum Stick
00:23 Quantum Loop
00:37 33x33 box loop
00:47 Monster Stick

01:03 Monster Stick
01:18 Quantum Stick
01:27 Quantum Loop
01:37 33x33 box loop
01:53 Monster Stick

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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