Re: ULR DX.......More Great Conditions @ SUNSET!!! 4 More NEW STATIONS + Nice RELOGS!!

robert ross

On 08/02/2011 10:05 PM, dhsatyadhana wrote:

Hey Rob:

This seems excessive! Maybe limit it to one or two per night, so as to pace yourself?

I'd just hate to see you overdoing it in your retirement:-)


Well Kevin........Everything has gone GOOFY!! The Weather is GOOFY......Richard and Kirk down in Oklahoma are Freezing to death and Shoveling Snow. The Same here....EXCEPT that we are used to that Goofiness!!! The DX has gone Goofy too.....Maybe in co-relation to the Weather???????? I can sometimes go 2 weeks at a time without logging a single New Station!!! Since the beginning of January things have been Crazy with many days netting me Multiple Stations. I was flabbergasted with 3 Yesterday...I sure wasn't expecting 4 today!!

However.....The old saying is...."Make hay while the sun shines" that's what I'm doing!! When it dries up........I'll be feeling like an orphan!!! I am also going on a Cruise for 15 days in I won't be logging anything NEW during that least anything I can add to my Home ULR LOG!!

Being able to come and go as I like....sleep when I like and not have to be anywhere at any given time is sure helping the cause!! Once the Nice Weather gets here I'll be switching over to FM/TV DX..and will be out in the yard getting things ready for I won't have the time I do right now.....with Blizzards and Freezing Temperatures occurring daily it seems!!

If this is FUN.......we're having it!!

73.....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA


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