New Station In Oklahoma

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Thanks to Richard Allen for telling me about this new station. KEOR
from Catoosa, OK is now on the air on 1120 khz now giving occassional
IDs. One ID heard here at 1952 UTC. "1120, KEOR, Catoosa." They're
playing oldies music. The station is listed in Topaz as being a daytime
station only, running 2000 watts. They list the station in the list of
all stations on 1120 as being from Catoosa, but when you use the left
column to figure distances from your receiver to the station, it lists
the station and shows the distance from you to Atoka, OK. Putting in a
VG signal here at first. At 2040 UTC, KMOX suddenly faded in but still
separable from KEOR, causing some rapid up and down fading. No ID at
the TOH, and no ads heard and I tuned out after a second ID at 2053. As
Richard told me, the station has unusually long dead air between songs.
Today the dead air is lasting from 5-15 seconds or so. This station has
some significance to me. It's my 250th station logged on a ULR. Thanks
Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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