Re: Round 2............MORE Snow for you guys EAST of me.........Hopefully some DX will tag along??????

terribly wet

They predict snow maybe tomorrow. (?) I'm loosing track of days. It has been 2 days of stuck in here with nothing but ice. Can't even drive.

A real problem has been collapsing roofs. ya cross your fingers... I'm upstairs in a house with computers and electronics and they love to end up soaking wet or ?

On some of these storms the maximum has ended up here -- Connecticut -- Over 2 feet on one of them --

Emergency Radio ? I can't count every radio station but they are all now under the ownership of 'The Corporation'. They don't pay for news staff or weather staff or anything like that.

I think in Canada the ? at least wants stations to carry some local content ? Here..our FCC..nothing of such that I know of...

It has been amazing/depressing to listen to radio during this winter here. There are times when you really need local info and road conditions, etc. NONE.

WCBS 880 and WINS 1010 is the only news source.--and that's New York City...

Even big WTIC 1080 might have national news on the hour and a weather clip recorded last week and back to 'national feed talk'.

There are some exceptions but almost none. WSTC 1400/WNLK 1350 will be local during 'morning drive time'. (SW Connecticut)

There is a new talk/news station on 980 in Eastern Connecticut. Forget call and not received here. Was web-listening. I'd swear their on air staff was in Florida or ? They would talk difficulties but could mention nothing as if they were actually here. ya know..rt.17 has a problem...drove in from so and so time...

The news/info option is the TV. You have stations in New York City and Hartford. One actually in New Haven but antenna midway Hartford. In short nothing to really cover SW Connecticut. If the weather is bad turn on the TV. Radio--nothing...

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Hi Guys:

I know you guys East and North East of me are still working on the
First Round of Snow from this Storm....well guess what....Round 2 is on
the way!! We had about 2 Hours of needed Break from the Snow this
morning. I was out with the Snowblower for 2 1/2 Hours cleaning
everything up. Before I got had started snowing again....and
as of 1212 EST is snowing quite heavily again!! The Big Snow
Blob that was centered over Chicago has now moved East and joined up
with another Large Blob coming up from the South of Lake Erie!! It's
gonna whack us again and move on to the Guys in NY, NH,
VT, MASS etc......should have more FUN tonight!!

I was quite surprised there were NO Daytimers heard overnight with
Emergency Communications........maybe tonight???

Still Nothing outta ol' Kirk down there in Oklahoma.........hope he's
doing OK!!!

Great Fun ain't it!! At least we've having more than than those in Cairo!!

Have Fun in the SNOW....and I hope we get some Decent DX out of this
before it's over!!

73....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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