Mini evening Dxpedition in Bermuda


I'm in Bermuda this week for work, brought my Tescun PL310 along for some dxing.

Tonight I found 45 free minutes and quiet bench on the hotel grounds overlooking the harbor

loggins between 8:45 & 9:30 PM Atlantic time 2/2/11

530 Radio Enciclopedia, Cuba - Elevator music version of "ABBA Dancing Queen" & female Spanish announcer.

540 WFLF Pine Hills, FL - Station ID, Ad for
560 WGAN Portland, ME - Sean Hannity Show & Station ID
570 Radio Reloj, Cuba - Time tics and Morse code "RR" at top of minute. Spanish Announcer.
570 WMCA, New York, NY - Religious Program.
580 WHP Harrisburg, PA - News and station ID
600 WSJS Winston-Salem, NC - NC State\Virginia Tech Basketball Game
850 WTAR Norfolk, VA - "Free Talk Live" show
850 WFTL West Palm Beach, FL - Michael Savage show
870 Radio Reloj, Cuba - Time tics, Morse Code "RR" at top of min, Easy to copy spanish announcer.
880 WCBS New York, NY - News & Station ID
880 WZAB Sweetwater, FL - Lou Dobbs Show.
1520 WWKB Buffalo, NY Syracuse Orange Basketball game

Perhaps I'll get some more time tomorrow.

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