Re: Hunkerin' Down for more DX..........Another %$#@! Blizzard on the Way!!!


I'm across the lake from you in Toledo, far weather hasn't been too bad with just light snow on and off since 2-3pm today. but i see freezing rain or sleet further south about 60 miles in Findlay, OH. we're supposed to get 4-6" tonight. hoping the freezing stuff stays south

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HI Guys:

Well..........As if the 6 Feet of Snow we've already had this Winter
isn't enough.....I see we are lined up for another Blizzard which is
inching its way towards London, Ontario....and a Bunch of other places
as I type this message. Even Ol' Kirk down there in OKIE-LAND is gonna
be doing some Tobogganing!!! They are saying about 1 1/2 Feet for us!!!
The Problem will be the BRISK EASTERLY WINDS as this thing swirls around
in a Cyclonic Nature!!! Anything coming out of the east is always Bad
News for all this Snow swirling around and coming at us from
the NorthEast will be brutal!! It looks like Chicago will be
experiencing all the fun soon!! Tuesday Evening and Wednesday it should
be happening here!!

I would imagine a Bunch of our ULR Members will be in the path of this
thing...and it's even supposed to head out to the East Coast by the end
of the week....and I know you guys are almost ready to surrender from
all the snow too!!

So...........I just filled the 10 Gallon Gas Can.......and the tank on
the Snow Blower is Full bring 'er on!!! Now that I am
Retired I have NO PLACE TO GO.....and all week to get there!!!

Only problem I can see is that our Snowbanks here are already over 4
Feet it will take some work for the Snowblower to throw
the New Stuff up over the Banks!!!

We may get lucky and log some DAYTIME or REDUCED POWER Stations on the
air with EMERGENCY keep an eye for stations that we
would not normally hear at night!!

I hope everyone fares OK with this Storm......and maybe they'll be
wrong....but from the looks of the Approaching Snow Blob on the
RADAR............Itsa Gonna Happen!!

73..........ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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