new country logged last night

Allen Willie

Hi Guys,
Hope everyone had fun and logged a lot of new ones during the Fall Follies Ultralight affair.
I logged another new  country last night as follows:
864 khz - R. Liberty via Gavar, Armenia Relay  11/03/08  2:08 UTC w/ programming in Turkmen language  ; also mention of Ukraine by man , half hour later into Italian language program to Africa mentioned  *** NEW COUNTRY # 67 ***   SRF-M37V barefoot
Also 1 unidentified early this morning as follows:
950 khz - ?  in briefly @ 10:30 UTC  11/03/08 w/ Midnight Truckers Network mentioned (checked their website for clues) Anyone  know of the Network ID anywhere out there using 950 on the dial ?
Best Of DX
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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