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The third time is the charm!!!  I just added two entries to the Firsts and Records List.

While Guy's reception of Farda in UAE from Grayland is not quite the World Distance Record for Barefoot Ultralights, it is the very first instance of hearing what is considered a TA station from the North American West Coast.  Now, the only one of those very basic "Firsts" for us left to conquer is hearing a TP from on or near the eastern coast on NAm. 

The other new record was an Ultralight North American Record for Distance on a Graveyard Channel, Unlimited Class.... Kirk Allen's marvelous catch of Spartanburg, SC on 1400 from northern Oklahoma.... close to 900 miles.

I'm sort of wondering if we shouldn't add two "Firsts" from the Central Time Zone: TA and TP and maybe the same two from the MLT.  I remember that Richard Allen in Northern Oklahoma has a JJ station (774?) but does any ultralighter in the Central Time Zone have a TA yet????  

Well, in any case... congratulations to Kirk and Guy... both receptions were truly phenomenal!

John B.
Orcas Island, WA, USA
Rcvrs: WiNRADiO 313e, Eton e1, Slider E100
Antennas: Wellbrook Phased Array NW
Two 70' x 100' Conti Super Loops, West and Northwest

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