Re: ULR DX.....Finally Good Conditions are back @ SUNSET!!!!....2 NEW STATIONS and a couple UNIDS!!!!

robert ross

On 27/01/2011 9:31 PM, dhsatyadhana wrote:

Hey Rob:

It coulda been KXLX out of Spokane, who would have been 20 kw NDA at that time. They have been getting out surprisingly well these days, at least to where I am at about 300 miles to the west. I'm not saying they're cheating, but...

Kevin S

Naw Kevin...that would REALLY be a PipeDream!!!! Not at that time of the day!! It was even Stretching it to even consider KALL in Salt Lake City.......I'm writing this one off as a RELOG of WTUB in Massachusetts. Conditions were GOOD to the West however. An ID sure woulda been nice to positively solve this dilemma though!!

73.......ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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