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Guy's reception of Farda from Grayland on a barefoot SRF-39FP absolutely obliterates the old world record for distance in the Barefoot Class.  BRAVO, Guy!!!!  I've already entered it in the official records.

Guy Atkin's sez:

The highlight of my 2-night DXpedition over the weekend in Grayland, Washington was certainly the logging of Radio Farda, 1575 kHz in the UAE. This was during grayline conditions last night (Nov. 2 UTC date), less than an hour past local sunset and just before Al-Dhabbaya, UAE sunrise. It's a distance of 7,538 mi. / 12,131 km., per the Google Earth "Distance Tool" from the R. Farda antenna array to Grayland Beach State Park!

Worldwide Reception
Longest Distance Reception -Worldwide Reception
   8370 km/5201 miles Gary DeBock, Puyallup, WA HLCA-972, Dangjin, S.Korea 11/22/2007(SRF-59)
   8729 km/5424 miles Allen Willie, St. Johns, NF  BSKSA-1521, Duba, Saudi Arabia, 1/4/2008 (SRF-37V)
   9251 km/5748 miles Allen Willie, St. Johns, NF  Radio Farda-1575, Al Dabiya 1/21/2008 (SRF-37V)
   9504 km/5906 miles Allen Willie, St. Johns, NF  Radio Sawa-1431, Djibouti 2/2/2008 (SRF-37V)
  12131 km/7,538 miles Guy Atkins, Grayland, WA   Radio Farda-1575, Al-Dhabbaya, 11/02/2008 (SRF-39FP)
 **8810 km/5474 miles Dennis Vroom, Salmon Creek, WA HLAZ-1566, Cheju Is., South Korea, 1/24/2008
                                                                                                            (SRF-39FP** & SRF-M37V**)  
   **11721 km/7283 miles Dennis Vroom, Salmon Creek, WA VOA-1575, Ban Rasom, Thailand  3/16/2008
  **13255 km/8230 miles John Bryant, Grayland, WA 5AN-891 Adelaide, SA 5/29/2008 (**E100)   

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