2 new logs + 1 new country

Allen Willie

Hi Guys,
A couple new logs last night and early this morning  plus a new country added  to my list
Radio Used : SRF-M37V barefoot
954 khz - Cesky Rozhlas (CRO2) Brno, Czech Republic   21:57 UTC  11/1/08
                   man in slovak with news items, several mentions of Czechoslovak *** NEW COUNTRY *** # 66   Transatlantic  # 196
610 khz - CMHI ; Radio Reloj ,  Trinidad, Cuba   7:43 UTC  11/2/08
                        man in spanish commentary , familiar time pips 
                                                     STATION # 394 on ULR
Good DX
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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