E100 filter mod--filters on backorder

Steve Ratzlaff <steveratz@...>

If any of you are contemplating sending me your E100 for a narrow filter mod, please be aware that filters are currently on about 3 week+ backorder delay. Apparently we have used up Icom America's stock of these filters. I have since learned they have only been re-ordering filters in the amount that the customer requests, not extras to have more in stock. Orders go to the parent Icom company in Japan, and are also only placed usually once a week. They told me I can expect a new filter order about 2 weeks after that, so it could be 3 weeks, maybe more, before I see the filters I've ordered. I placed an order for 4 more filters last week; they told me the order wouldn't go out until next week. Thus it will probably be at least 3 weeks before I receive any more filters. I wish I could order 10 at a time to have some on hand, but I can't afford that.
So be aware that if you send me your radio today, for instance, it will probably be at least 3 weeks before I have it modified ready to send back to you.

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