Re: 7.5" LW Plug-in Loopstick Project Update

Peter Laws

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 21:33, <> wrote:

Laurie Mann of western Australia has posted an article in our Ultralightdx file section (under "Modifications) describing how to rewire the PL-310 FM/SW external antenna jack into a MW external antenna connector. This strategy would also work for the PL-606, which has an identical FM/SW external antenna jack. Such a modification would allow not only the 7.5" MW and LW loopsticks to be used with these DSP models, but also antennas like beverages, long wires, large loops, etc. As you are finding out, the PL-606 gives you a lot of thrills in stock form, but sometime in the future you may just become a DXing fanatic like some of us :-)
Interesting article. That kind of mod, I wouldn't mind, since there
is no case hacking required.

Thanks for the tip!

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