2008 Fall Follies Ultralight DX Contests to End Monday at Local Dawn + 30 Minutes

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

This is just a reminder that all of the contests within the Ultralight Fall Follies will close at your own local sunrise + 30 minutes on this coming Monday morning.  We have had well over 200 people download the Participant's Packet from dxer.ca, so we expect quite a number of entries.  Please remember that ALL entries are due in my e-mail box by local dawn on Wednesday.  I'll then be passing along the entries to Kevin Schanilec and Allen Willie for checking, compilation, etc. We hope to announce the high scorers in each of the six contests by the end of the following weekend, at the latest.

You may submit your entries at any time from now, as a matter of fact. They need not be held to the end of the contest period, if they are your final entries.

When ever you turn in your entry, please do, first, check over the rules once again for compliance and do, PLEASE follow the entry format that is described in the Rules and is listed for your convenience directly below.

Thanks... and we hope that everyone has had fun with this event.  You'll each receive certificates, suitable for framing, within a few days of your entry.

John Bryant for Kevin Schanilec and Allen Willie
The Ultralight Contest Committee


Entries shall be made by e-mail (only) and shall include the name, address of the entrant or entrants, and longitude and latitude of your location, and email address.  Description of radio and Class entered shall be specified.  If Unlimited Class, describe all antennas and peripherals, etc. utilized. Separate entry logs per Category, please.  Log shall contain total number of stations identified and top five distance DX in Americas and World-wide categories, if any.



Fred Jones, Dry Gulch AZ  45:03:4N 89:00:05W  FredJones@...

RADIO: Sony SRF-59 Barefoot Class.


STATIONS LOGGED CATEGORY: 45 stations   (the total number of stations is all that is                                                                                           required here)



1.  1200 2/29 850 KOA Denver, CO 1015 km.

2.  1201 2/29 870 WWL New Orleans, LA 1432 km.

3 .  1205 2/30 1520 KOKC Oklahoma City 2123 km.

4.   1210 2/30 900 XEWA, Monterrey, Mexic0 3635 km.

5.   1215 2/30 1000 KOMO Seattle WA 904 km.

                          Total: 8109 km.



(Fred didnt hear any stations from outside the Americas from his QTH in Dry Gulch, AZ, so he had no submission in the World-wide category. Had there been an entry, the same format would be used as shown above for his North American DX submission.)


Please also note that the two top scorers in the Total Stations Heard Contest will be asked for an abbreviated station log for publication. That log should contain frequency, call letters, location and time heard for each station logged. No program details are necessary.



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