GS Ultralight Logs Oct. 31, 2008

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

Ultralight loggings for Fri. Oct. 31, 2008. All stations logged on a stock Sony SRF-59 from my home in Toronto, ON. Dates and times in UTC.
Four more stations added to the ultralight log. Total ultralight count: 185.

1450 WWSC NY Glens Falls - 31-Oct-2008 0206 UTC - Talk, ID: "AM 1450 WWSC" (Poor)

1400 WLLH MA Lowell - 31-Oct-2008 0224 UTC - Sports talk. ESPN IDs, plus an ID as "ESPN 890". WLLH 1400 is parallel to WAMG, 890, Dedham, MA. Location mentioned: East Bridgewater. (Poor).
--> New station for the overall log.

1160 WSKH ME Skowhegan - 31-Oct-2008 1050 UTC - Sports talk. Frequent ESPN Radio IDs. No ID heard, but they gave an email address for local contacts: espn1160@.... A search on the Web showed that this is the contact email address for WSKW. I've received WSKW in the morning like this several times before, so I figured that this was what it would be. (Poor).

960 WELI CT New Haven - 31-Oct-2008 1125 UTC - Talk. Ads, including a spot for a candidate for a state election, Republican Matt Corcoran. Several IDs heard, plus the station URL: (Poor).

Greg Shoom

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