First TA long wave logging on PL-360


Finally some favorable propagation from Europe allowed long wave reception on my PL-360. The antenna was one of Gary DeBock's "E" type long wave loopsticks.

The first was a faint man talking on 216 kHz at 0429-0435 UTC on 1-15-10. It was probably from the 1400kW (700kW night) Radio Monte Carlo sender at Roumoules in the south of France. There was moderate QRM from the NDB "BFK", Buffalo OK, on 215 kHz.

At 0437 UTC on 1-16-10, I heard a barely audible signal with a man talking on 183 kHz. At 0518 there was woman and man speaking in French, eventually fading out at 0538. It was Europe No. 1 operating with 2000 kW from Felsberg (Saarlouis) in Germany. It counts as long wave station #1 on an ULR here.

At 0553 UTC, I heard a barely audible woman talking in French on 162 kHz from the 2000kW France Inter sender at Allouis. I listened off and on until 0627. Unfortunately there was an yet unidentified signal between 150-167 kHz blocking the French broadcast. Station #2.

Regarding the interference on 150-167 kHz, it was only noticeable on the PL-360. I'm assume the source is some nearby electrical device generating the signal. Years ago a neighbor's light dimmer gave me fits when listening on long wave. However, nothing has ever topped the QRM from the GWEN broadcasts in the 1980's. That was more of the US taxpayer's dollar down the drain!

The stations on 162, 183 and 216 kHz are the most often heard here on communication receivers in the past four decades. However, this is the first time I was able to hear them on a portable. It's something I never did with the Sony ICF-2010.

Good DX all.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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