A case for the PL-606

Kevin Schanilec

(This from Fred Schroyer on the IRCA board:)

I bought a Tecsun PL-606, which took abt 3 wks to arrive from Singapore, total ~$60 (incl shipping). Sweet little radio! FM is superb, surprisingly sensitive. LW is so-so; haven't heard a single thing yet (but I'm in a noisy so-so reception area). AM is very good, terrifically directional w/the little loopstick inside, easily separating 3 faint stations here on 1040, and on 1690, during daytime. It can almost 100% phase out the Pittsburgh blowtorches here. Quickly tried SW and seems to perform well.

For those who have a PL-606, or will buy one, I found the perfect case at Walmart. It's a Case Logic PHDC-1, under $10. It's a hard-shell case designed for a hard drive, but the PL-606 fits into it like the case was mfd specifically for it! Plus, the case has a little pocket for the earbuds. Now I have a compact, sturdy case for the radio, which I can toss in my briefcase, the glove box, or suitcase. Nice!

Fred Schroyer
Freelance Science Writer / Editorial Consultant
Waynesburg, PA 15370
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