Friday night loggings

Rick Robinson <w4dst@...>

My ISP finally got their SMTP server fixed and now I can report a great night with my 7 1/2" ferrite bar antenna. I first started out with my CCrane SWP and later switched the antenna to my modified PL-380. Thanks to Gary for the slider, a fine addition to my MW antenna collection. Used with the CCrane SWP, it is used as a slider. With the PL-380, I set it at a position where the inductance measures 300uH and the PL-380 does the rest. My SWP and PL-380 have been modified with internal Radio Shack 1/8" stereo jacks to allow internal and external antennas for both FM and AM. The slider has a 1/8" plug on the end with the antenna connected between the tip and ground connections. This allows easy movement of the 7 1/2" bar from one radio to another.

Times are EST, date Friday, 1-14-11.

1800 820 WOSU Columbus OH "NPR news ... WOSU"
1810 860 WTZX Sparta TN "Country gold, 8-60 WTZX"
1815 880 WZAB Sweetwater FL "8-80 The Biz in South Florida"
1825 880 KRVN Lexington NE mention of southern NE and north Iowa "Redman's Shoes in downtown Kearney"
1855 920 WLIV Livingston TN Area code 931 phone numbers, "... Academy basketball on WLIV"
1900 1170 KFAQ Tulsa OK "KFAQ Tulsa News"
1905 930 WSFZ Jackson MS "Super Sports 9-30 WSFZ"
1920 970 WFLA Tampa FL "9-70 WFLA"
1930 1060 KYW Philadelphia PA "It's 7:30 on News Radio Philadelphia"
2008 1420 WVJS Owensboro KY WJVS ID
2012 1430 WFHK Pell City AL "The River City's 14-30, WFHK Pell City"

All of these were new ULR loggings and several were overall new loggings. I'd been trying to log KFAB in Nebraska for months with no luck. Out of the noise on 880 came KRVN loud and clear for several minutes before fading to give me state number 31, actually 30 states and DC.

Rick W4DST
Hendersonville, NC

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