Re: ULR DX..........UNID STATION this morning....Need Help!!! 1250 OLDIES with Local Ad..........



I'm a little closer to both of those stations. If it helps - my notes for WARE (logged Jan 2010) show it was playing oldies at that time. My notes for when I logged WLEM (Nov 09) just say "Station ID". I remember this one, It was during my 100 in 7 days Ross challenge... It faded In and out just above noise floor - I caught it at just the right time to hear the station ID. I was amazed as online databases show WLEM as running with 30 watts at night! Thinking about it now, I suspect someone forgot to dial the power back that night? Then again - this week I did hear a 10 watter 268 miles away - so who knows?


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There is a St.Mary's Church in Ware .MA and WARE on 1250 plays oldies.
Frank Welch

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Help!!! 1250 OLDIES with Local Ad..........

Hi Guys:

I have a UNID Station on 1250 Khz from this morning and can't find
anything on the net to help me. If anyone recognizes this station and
local ad....or has any ideas what I may have been hearing, I'd
appreciate whatever info you have. Would be nice to track this one down.

The only State I can find that has an Oldies Station on 1250 Khz and
also has a "St. MARYS" is Ohio. The 1250 in Ohio is WCHO Washington
Court House and is OLDIES.........but St. Marys is located a long way
from there.

RADIO USED is.............................SONY SRF-T615 ULR Barefoot

Thanks ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA


1250 UNID (SE/NW Bearing from London, ONT.) Jan/16/11 0658-0710 EST
OLDIES Music "Hurdy Gurdy Man" @ 0658-0701 EST. Male DJ with LOCAL AD @
0701 for............
"Twins Monuments ?? in St. Marys" Also mentioned "Rock of Ages", which I
assume has something to do
with Twins Monuments???? Maybe a Brand Name for Monuments?? No ID heard
at break. Back to Oldies )
@ 702-0705 EST "Build Me up Buttercup".
Into Fleetwood Mac's "Don't stop thinking about Tomorrow" @ 0705-07.
Jingle @ 0707 EST...but couldn't
make it out?? BTO's "Let it Ride" @ 0707-0710 Fade.

UNID..........NEED HELP!!!

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