UNID Solved

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Hi Gentlemen,

My UNID from this morning is solved. Although I didn't post it to the
group, I hrd an UNID this AM circa 1300 UTC on 830 khz. They were
airing ads that absolutely fit the MO area and playing old R&R mx.
The "silent" KTOC, Kennett, AR used to be active w/ a SP lang format.
This evening from 2233, I heard a station on 830 carrying identical
pgm'g from what I hrd earlier in the day. My latest reception consisted
of good old R&R mx being simulcast by "104.1 The Quake" which is in
Memphis. After some online detective work, I found that KTOC was
authorized to move to a Memphis QTH. This obviously is fairly recent
news. Anyway, just wanted to pass that along to you all. Oh, this
evening's reception was a challenge because of KOA, Denver co-channel.
Since I didn't hear a KTOC ID, I'm counting the call letters themselves
as tentative.

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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