Re: ULR DX..........UNID STATION 1250 OLdies.....May be ID'd as WLEM?????

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Thanks to information from Sheldon Harvey and Mark Coady it looks like my UNID STATION below may be WLEM from Emporium, PA. I thought WLEM was Country.....but I guess it's OLDIES??? Can anyone confirm this???

The Twins Monuments in St. Mary's turns out to be SCLIMMS MONUMENTS in St. Mary's, PA....which is about 20 Miles from Emporium!!! And they sell "Rock of Ages" Monuments!!

Thanks to Sheldon and Mark for their detective work on this.

WLEM is a RELOG unfortunately!!!

73.......ROB VA3SW

On 16/01/2011 7:54 AM, Robert S.Ross VA3SW wrote:
Hi Guys:

I have a UNID Station on 1250 Khz from this morning and can't find anything on the net to help me. If anyone recognizes this station and local ad....or has any ideas what I may have been hearing, I'd appreciate whatever info you have. Would be nice to track this one down.

The only State I can find that has an Oldies Station on 1250 Khz and also has a "St. MARYS" is Ohio. The 1250 in Ohio is WCHO Washington Court House and is OLDIES.........but St. Marys is located a long way from there.

RADIO USED is.............................SONY SRF-T615 ULR Barefoot

Thanks ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

1250 UNID (SE/NW Bearing from London, ONT.) Jan/16/11 0658-0710 EST EE FAIR
OLDIES Music "Hurdy Gurdy Man" @ 0658-0701 EST. Male DJ with LOCAL AD @ 0701 for............
"Twins Monuments ?? in St. Marys" Also mentioned "Rock of Ages", which I assume has something to do
with Twins Monuments???? Maybe a Brand Name for Monuments?? No ID heard at break. Back to Oldies )
@ 702-0705 EST "Build Me up Buttercup".
Into Fleetwood Mac's "Don't stop thinking about Tomorrow" @ 0705-07. Jingle @ 0707 EST...but couldn't
make it out?? BTO's "Let it Ride" @ 0707-0710 Fade.

UNID..........NEED HELP!!!

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