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Thanks for the tip. I went snooping around the basement, and found the surge protector/outlet box for the server, and all along the wiring back to the panel had a large amount of noise when I put the PL-310 nearby, tuned to a fairly weak AM station. I coiled the surge protector power cord into a number of turns, to form a choke, for now, since the new ones won't be here until next week. That did cut the noise by perhaps 50% upstairs.
I saw a number of other small things I could do too. For example, we have cable for Internet,telephone and TV, and the shielded cable for them has some RFI along it. I need to check the ground on that.
Some of the cables which connect the different computers run close to the server and surge protector much more than they could.

One other interesting thing I noticed was a huge boost in the AM signal when I got the PL-310 near the phone company ground for the old hard wired phone lines. Interesting! - FARMERIK

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I have the same problem, so I found unpluging the ac plug
from my comcast computer internet modem box when not
using and the problem was solved for me.

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My house hold computers are leaking RFI into the house wiring, and it is acting like an antenna for RFI where ever anything uses AC power.
I started looking around, and noticed at New Egg, some of the APC brand of outs/surge protectors sold for computers and home AV block 70 db of RFI. Also, split ferrite chokes can be fit over cables near computer devices. Higher ferrite mixture numbers are better for lower RF frequencies.

Anyone out there RFI proofed there house already, and have any pointers?

For now it looks like I should get RFI rated surge suppressors for each computer station and the server, as well as the TV and cable box. Also I should get a large number of the ferrite chokes for phone lines and all computer cables.


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