State Number 40 recorded


The conditions were right. The east coast was coming in strong off the back end of the 1000 ft. BOG. All the big guns were dominating their channels but I didn't pay any special attention to them. I stopped at 630 kHz. as semi-local WTMJ-620 had gone to night power and directionality and both 610 and 630 were open. Then, at 8pm (CST) I thought I heard an ID. Something that ended in O. Still not giving it much thought as I most often get CFCO, I listened more out of curiosity and then I heard _PRO. Looking it up, it could be only one thing - WPRO Providence RI. I needed to hear more so I ran the recording through Audition and I thought I heard 'Rhode Island' and 'Providence.' Still not enough. I got on the live internet feed and waited until the next TOH. Sure enough, the exact same ID: "Rhode Island's station of record, AM 630, WPRO, Providence." I play the recording back and the words start to fit. It's a match.
Never did I ever think I could get RI as I put in the 'don't even bother' list along with NH, VT, ME and DE. I guess anything is possible if you put enough hours in and you're in the right spot at the right time.

Ed Semrad
Lake Villa IL

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